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If you value sustainably sourced flooring made entirely of natural materials, these are the products for you. Cork floating flooring is easy to install, as is cork glue down flooring, which is completely waterproof and suitable for use in areas such as bathrooms.

You have several options if you want to go green with your flooring. While most people associate “green” with natural and renewable materials, there is more to think about if you truly want an environmentally friendly floor.

The following factors influence the environmental impact of a flooring material:

  • Renewable and sustainably sourced
  • Recyclability
  • Making socially responsible products
  • High product durability and life-span
  • There were no toxic chemicals used
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Floating Flooring Options with Real Wood Top Layer – All Natural Flooring

The materials used in Forna Real Wood Flooring is fully natural: The surface is made of real wood is attached to a moisture-inhibiting natural fiber board, which is paired with a real cork underlay. The cork floor impresses with a durability never seen before in timber flooring and meets all class 33, AC5 criteria thanks to the Hot Coating protection. These floors satisfies the fire class Cfl-s1 and is thus ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The fact that Forna Real Wood Flooring require no varnishing, oiling, or even sanding is a significant advantage over most other wood flooring.

Floating Flooring Options with Cork Top Layer – All Natural Flooring

Forna Real Cork Flooring is made entirely of natural materials. The cork surface is connected to a moisture-resistant natural fiber board that is combined with a real wood backing and cork underlay. The cork floor impresses with a level of resilience previously unmatched in timber flooring, and thanks to the Hot Coating protection, it meets all Class 33, AC5 specifications. These flooring comply with the Cfl-s1 fire classification, making them suitable for both residential and commercial uses. The fact that Forna Real Cork Floors does not require varnishing, oiling, or even sanding is a big benefit over the majority of alternative flooring.

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All Cork Glue Down Flooring – All Natural Flooring

Forna Cork Flooring is a natural product that is both recyclable and biodegradable. None of its qualities can be duplicated by any natural or man-made material. Because of its cellular nature, it is highly resistant to wear, as it is less impacted by impact and friction than other hard surfaces, making it a superior choice for high-traffic areas. Forna Cork Glue Down Flooring is available in a wide range of designs and finishes to complement any interior design scheme. Churches, libraries, educational facilities, and hotels all benefit from the use of glue-down cork materials in their construction.

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