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Your home office can do more than functional. A work office space can be more than blah. Either way with a cork floor you full body support and a comfortable floor to work on. At Forna cork flooring we deal in a material that not only does excellent functionality but brings on the Chic in aesthetic appeal. Cork is a material that does multiple jobs all in one product. Although hardwood, ceramic, carpet and vinyl flooring do well in office type spaces, there are areas where all fail. With cork you can cut back on the compromise and get beauty, functionality and durability all in one. Forna cork flooring can provide thermal and sound insulation, act as a fire retardant and is water resistant. On top of that cork is wood, only a softer species than its hardwood cousins, so you will receive all the natural beauty of wood with better benefits.

Silver Pine Cork Floor Nordic Interior In Stylish Open Office Space Studio Black Wall
Silver Pine Cork Floor Nordic Interior In Stylish Open Office Space Studio Black Wall


Cut the noise, insulation made from cork.

Work from home? Kids a little too loud? Cork isn’t just a good flooring material, it’s also a great way to insulate against sound in your office. Using cork on your floors and walls will reduce the amount of noise that moves from room to room. Cork is a nature made sound dampener and by the prowess of today’s technology has been brought to the building market as one of the best ways to floor and insulate at the same time.

Taupe Leather Forna Cork Floor Modern Interior Home Office
Taupe Leather Forna Cork Floor Modern Interior Home Office

How is this possible? The answer is found in cork’s very genetic structure. Like a honeycomb, cork employs millions upon millions of air-tight cells per every cubic centimeter. These cells hold a gases substance similar to air that gives cork its very buoyancy. In fact, cork is more than 50% air. This genetic structure provides a barrier of sorts that inhibits the transfer of sound waves. Instead cork can absorb and disperse sound to lessen its acoustic impact.

Logan Forna Cork Floor Interior Office Chairs


This makes cork’s sound dampening attribute completely natural. So you are not paying for extra material on top of the flooring aspect. A win-win situation for you.


Another benefit of cork flooring is that it does not conduct static electricity. With a cork floor, all electronic equipment static charge is minimized. Rolling a chair over this style of flooring doesn’t risk shocks or being caught on carpeting for a possible fall. And because cork doesn’t conduct static electricity the possibility of your electronics carrying dangerous charges are reduced as well.


Durable and comfortable:

Is a cork floor durable? You better believe it. With proper installation and maintenance, a cork floor can last you decades. One of its most appealing factors in an office setting is that with a cork floor, you eliminate the need to buy a chair mat to protect your floor. In our own store office/showroom we have 4 office chairs in constant use, it’s been over ten years. Our cork flooring is still going strong.

Golden Bach Forna Cork Floor Ing Luxury Sitting Area In Office
Golden Bach Forna Cork Floor Ing Luxury Sitting Area In Office

The genetic structure that makes cork a great insulator also makes it a lot more comfortable to stand or work on when compared to hardwood or ceramic floors. Cork is a solid material, but it has a little ‘give’ to it that works in a cushioning effect. Your feet or body gets a bit of support instead of solely working off a repelling surface.


Environmentally Friendly:

We believe cork’s most outstanding attribute is that it is one of the most eco-friendly materials available on the construction market. Cork is a 100% sustainable natural resource. Derived only from the bark of the cork oak tree, all cork products start out 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We at Forna Cork flooring strive to keep that green certification by only using a low-impact manufacturing process that incorporates other clean/green additives. With a Forna cork floor you know we made our contribution to maintaining a healthy earth, so one of our floors in your home office or office space means you too are making an effort to leave as little negative impact on the eco-system as you can.

Cork Wall Panels Office Interior 3D Illustration
Cork Wall Panels Office Interior 3D Illustration

Easy to install:

While our glue down cork tile flooring is more labor intensive, our floating cork floors are by far an easier install. Neither is the wrong choice. With a little determination and elbow work our floors are pretty easy on the install. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, choosing our cork floors is of greater benefit to you. These tiles and planks are easy to install, even the underlayment style, so office flooring your home has never been better.

Style and class:

Cork is one of the most striking and comfy office flooring material options. Through Forna cork flooring you get glue down tiles, floating floor planks or underlayment sheets. Where as our underlayment comes only as a corkboard, our tiles and planks are available in a variety of patterns, colors and design schemes.

Our cork flooring does more, bringing with it a gorgeous appearance that can look much like hardwood flooring or even mimic the appearance of concrete and stone. Want that high-end modern chic that is the current trend, cork can do that. Or are you more traditional and long for that old-world charm. No problem cork can do that too. The decor is up to you. Cork is very unique, and its completely natural makeup places it in a world of its own, making it a fine specimen of the wonders of nature.

Teak Fusion Cork Floor Monitor On Desk Modern Office
Teak Fusion Cork Floor Monitor On Desk Modern Office

Inexpensive option:

We specialize in cork flooring, not only working directly with our manufacturer but also are the distributor, so we can offer all our cork floors at direct-to-you prices. We cut out the middleman expenses and bring you our quality products at lower rates. You may pay for our products at retail specifications, but it feels like getting it at wholesale pricing.

Low maintenance :

What’s even better, after you have properly installed one of our cork floors, maintenance is a breeze. Sweep regularly to keep it debris free and damp mop it periodically to keep it sanitized. In fact, mopping is nothing more than a little bit of water on a damp mop. Yeah that easy. No harsh chemical cleaners required.


As you can see, a Forna cork floor in your home office or work space can do wonders. You’ll get a quieter space that supports work instead of distracts from and you can create a work space that can match any wow factor.