Have you changed your mind about an order? Here is our return policy.

We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we’ll gladly take it back! If anything doesn’t live up to your expectations or isn’t working out for whatever reason, let us know, and we will do everything possible to make sure our customers are satisfied. For any goods you send back to us, we’ll refund them at the maximum price they were purchased when you made your purchase. Depending on when you return them, we may charge a fee to restock the item (see below). You remain responsible for these items until they arrive here at our warehouse, and they will need to be well packaged to avoid damage during transit! Once the items arrive, they will be inspected before a return takes place. If an item isn’t returned in its original condition or box/bag, we might have to refuse the return.

Free Returns within 30 Days

We know you’re excited to receive your order, but if, for any reason, it’s not what you expected, we’ll gladly take back the item and refund your money for the items you ordered. Return Shipping is to be paid by you, but we are happy to help you organize the return shipping.

Extended Returns within 31 to 90 Days

Sometimes projects take longer, and you change your mind midway into a project. No problem, we got you covered. We offer Extended Returns up to 90 Days. We’ll gladly take back the item and refund 80% of the money for your ordered items. Return Shipping is to be paid by you, but we are happy to help you organize the return shipping.

Special Information for Liquids

Shipping water-based products during the winter months are not recommended. We do our best to keep the product from freezing during transport with special packaging material. It’s the purchasers’ responsibility to bring all liquids inside immediately upon arrival and inspect them at the time of delivery (open up cartons). If your shipment arrives frozen or damaged, you must notify us within 24 hours with images of the product. Generally, Liquid products are non-refundable, and no credit will be given.

Things that can’t be returned or refunded

  • Liquids like Adhesive or Polyurethane – All Liquids are considered “Final Sale”
  • Special Orders, Items on Sale, Clearance or Monthly Special Flooring
  • Flooring product without the original packaging/plastic
  • Products that are purchased “sight unseen,” which means you didn’t order the samples we offer beforehand
  • We don’t refund shipping charges or pay for return shipping. The purchaser carries the cost of returning the products

Request a Refund

If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right. Contact our service team, and they will arrange a pick-up. We do not accept returns that are not coordinated with our service team beforehand. Please make sure you contact and agree on the return first.

Additional Information about Returns

Return location: Returns must be remitted to our Warehouse in Richmond, BC Canada which is the order origin.

Cancork Floor Inc.
#185, 1991 Savage Rd.
Richmond BC V6V 0A4

Minor issues: Sometimes, you will come across a product that has minor damages or imperfections. However, most of these are still very usable if you cut off the male (or female) side at the beginning row or end row of your project!

Shipping Damage: In the unfortunate event that your order has been damaged during shipping, you are required to report it within two days of receipt and provide photos. The investigation process can take up to 10 weeks, but refunds or replacements will be processed once this is complete.