Why Shop iCork Floor?

There are some very compelling arguments for direct purchase from the importer.  First and foremost the price.  At iCork Floor our prices are a reflection of our direct distributor status.  We are the importer, the point of sales and the distributor.

icork floor llc forna cork distributor
icork floor llc forna cork distributor

We remove the middle man (or several middle brokers to be precise) which means our products are highly competitive.  When comparing our products and prices, make sure you rank us properly.  That is to say our products should rank the same as the Big Boys like Torlys and Wicanders.  All of us are specialty cork companies that specialize in cork.  Even though our prices are competitive with “discount” and on-line stores, our product quality fits in with the two main cork sellers.  What we sell for $3.49/sf would be sold for $5-$8/sf.  What we sell for $4.29/sf should sell for $12-$15/sf elsewhere.

Cork Specialists

Because we are cork specialists, we know cork.  We live, breathe, eat and sleep cork.  Our expertise has helped hundreds of clients save their old cork floors or refurbish a floor that was improperly sold by a discounter.  In fact, we’ve helped other discounters sell their products.  Our knowledge has stopped dozens of people from making costly mistakes.  We’ve helped out with specialized projects such as boats, campers, RVs, Air Stream trailers, Double-Decker bus conversions, catamarans and Tiny-House installations.  Each time we’ve had to correct someone else’s sales pitch.  Needless to say, we corrected the situation and things moved along swimmingly.

Another advantage to iCork Floor is the lack of taxes paid on purchases.  ICork Floor is situated in Kent WA., meaning we are only allowed to apply Washington state tax to floors delivered to WA. state residents.  All other states are tax exempt.

Samples of Every Floor

Not only do we have samples, we highly recommend that customers receive them before purchasing.  Only by holding product in your hand and seeing colors in the setting can you be sure the floor is right for you.  If you are having a hard time visualizing a pattern on a larger scale, we have dozens of photos and sales people willing to help.  We know our colors and our patterns.  We’ve seen them in larger samples and in person.  We have lived and worked on cork floors for years.  We know what it takes to get the right floor into the right home.

Well Stocked Warehouses

We carry tremendous amounts of stock.  For the average order, we have everything ready to ship within 2-3 business days.  Large orders are possible, but sometimes take a little bit of lead time.  Orders as large as 2,000sf of a single product are generally a simple task to fill.  On occasion we run out of the more popular colors or the thick 8mm glue down tiles. We ask that any order over 3,000sf be arranged well ahead of scheduled install.  If you need 6mm or 8mm glue down tiles in large quantities (anything over 2,000sf) you may need to wait for stock to come in.  It is always best to check with us first to find out our stock levels.  Ordering ahead of time will ensure you have the correct amount of flooring for your special project.

Shipping Discounts – The Bigger The Better

We offer shipping discounts on full priced flooring – but this does not include sale or clearance items.  We’ve worked hard to find the best rates possible.  As your order size increases so too the discounts.  The more you order, the more you save.  Small orders (less than 4 boxes of glue down tiles or less than 10 cartons of floating flooring) may not benefit from these discounts but the bigger orders can rake in the savings.


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