USA’s Best Cork Flooring, Cork Wall Tiles and Cork Underlayment

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Protect Your Health

Our products meet and exceed the most stringent standards, such as GreenGuard Gold, which requires products to have an ultra-low VOC content for safe and clean indoor air.

Luxury Made Affordable

With no middleman, you save money while receiving high-quality products. The majority of our products are manufactured in Europe using advanced manufacturing techniques.

Free Product Samples

You can experiment with our products at home. Feel it, touch it, and discover for yourself the remarkable quality. This is the most effective method of learning about our products.

$5.39 sq. ft.
$5.49 sq. ft.
$5.29 sq. ft.
$4.79 sq. ft.
$6.09 sq. ft.

Are you looking for a beautiful floor?

Beautiful cork flooring and amazing design floors are available. Here, you begin the process of building the floor of your dreams…

Natural Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is highly regarded for its durability, health, and safety, as well as its comfort, aesthetic versatility, and practicality. We offer natural color cork flooring and stained color cork flooring to complement any space.

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Waterproof Flooring

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Kids Friendly Flooring

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Design Cork Flooring

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Fusion Cork Flooring

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Swiss Real Wood Flooring

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Cork Glue Down Tiles

for Bathroom, Walls and Ceilings

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Dog Friendly Flooring

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All Natural Flooring

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Swiss Design Flooring

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Are You Looking for a High-End Wall and Ceiling Decor?

Your home’s walls should mirror the style you’ve been pursuing. Your quest begins with our great selection of unique and stunning wall tiles.

Textured Cork Wall & Ceiling Decor

Natural Colours with Natural Materials

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Flat Cork Wall & Ceiling Decor

Different Colours and Patterns on Natural Materials

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Why choose iCorkFloor?

We offer an incredible selection of cork flooring to complement any design style. We source our materials from Portugal’s sustainable cork production. We work with the best installers, retailers, and other professionals to install flooring in homes throughout the United States of America. Cork Flooring is one of the best home flooring options available; it is an excellent substitute for vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, rigid core flooring, and hardwood floors due to its surface waterproofing properties. For many years, iCorkFloor has been known as the most trusted cork flooring retailer in the United States of America.

We have it all, from traditional, digitally generated top layers of various woods to real wood overlays with an authentic finish second to none for the touchable luxury feel you desire in your home. Our cork and cork-based floors are sourced from prime European locations and factories.
Beyond floors, we offer stunning and unique wall and ceiling tiles that will transform the look and feel of your home. We are unique in the United States of America and ship throughout the country. At iCorkFloor, you’ll find the best flooring in the United States of America. We ship throughout the United States; enter your zip code in the postal code field during checkout to receive a quote.

Our customers adore our floors because they outperform alternatives such as linoleum flooring, vinyl flooring, and many hardwood floors in terms of feel and appearance. We meticulously select the floors and materials for our products to ensure you receive the best. As a family-owned business, we encourage our customers to “add their review,” and we encourage you to read all reviews on Google and Facebook to gain a complete picture of our products and service.

Customers’ Testimonials

Our mission is to assist customers in obtaining their dream homes at a reasonable price. Apart from that, many customers appreciate our floors for their ease of installation and their luxurious design and quality. We understand that you want a company that will always put your needs first, which is why we strive for 100 percent satisfaction with all of our work. Our customers adore our flooring selections. Cork flooring is a fantastic option for common areas and rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Our customers are satisfied because they know they can rely on us. What they have to say about us is as follows:

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