Forna DogGuard

Dog-proof and Pet-Friendly Wood Flooring

Pets can cause damage to your home by leaving scratches, pet hair, dander, and unintentional messes. This is especially true in the case of your flooring. In any dog-friendly environment, durable, pet-friendly flooring is a must. Choosing the right flooring for an elderly pet or a pet with special needs can be even more challenging. Using this information, you can learn more about the best flooring for dogs.

The best dog flooring is designed to withstand the physical demands of our four-legged companions’ daily lives. Normal floors can be damaged by muddy paw prints and bathroom accidents from your dog, but not our waterproof flooring options.

Cork flooring is well-known for its ability to provide a soft, warm surface for your pet to lie on, as well as anti-slip properties that allow them to move around freely. The market’s most comfortable pet-friendly flooring.

Dog-Proof Surface Waterproof Flooring is our most Scratch Resistant option

Surface Waterproof and Scratch Resistant Dog-Proof Flooring

Smaller pets flooring that is surface Spill-Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Warm and Comfortable

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$4.29 sq. ft.
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$4.19 sq. ft.
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$4.09 sq. ft.
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$3.69 sq. ft.