Water based polyurethane Reviews

2K Supra A.T. – Ceramic-reinforced finish:  from Clients

After carrying the Loba 2K Supra AT for two years, we have received excellent feedback from our clients. So far the reports are glowing with satisfaction.

In the flooring industry it is best when clients are silent after installation. This means they have few complaints about their flooring. Since working exclusively with theWater based polyurethane Loba 2K Supra AT, we could hardly be happier. We continue to hear, on a weekly basis, how beautiful the Forna cork floors become after receiving two coats of the Loba 2K Supra AT Water based polyurethane. The velvety texture of the AT enhances the cork finish in a way never seen before. People who have applied a single coat (on our recommendation to help defer costs) have gone ahead and purchased more product because the beauty of the two coats cannot be rivalled. Time and again, we have suggested that certain areas of the home can accept a single coat only to have the homeowner come back for more product. It is a rare product that has homeowners willingly increasing the cost of their purchase. Loba 2K Supra AT Satin falls into that category. Its beauty surpasses its price tag.

Water Based Polyurethane Reviews Loba 2K Gallon
Water Based Polyurethane Reviews Loba 2K Gallon

Normally clients reserve the comments for when something goes wrong or the product is not living up to the hype. It is special, in this day and age, to have customers take the time out of the day/lives to contact a company regarding the EXCELLENCE of a product. In the last four (4) months, Cancork and iCork Floor have received multiple compliments regarding our newest product – Loba Supra AT Satin polyurethane.

What we are hearing:

It flows beautifully – bubbles self-correct and it is self-levelling (should too much or too little be used in one place).

It dries quickly – meaning walking on the floor in stocking feet is possible after three hours

It cures “faster” than advertised. Several clients have already stated they did not wait the recommend three (3) days before they moved their furniture back in. The finish was ready and able to handle shoes, rugs, furniture and pets without any trouble.

It is smooth and silky to the touch. Despite the extra “toughness” of the finish, the cork floor remains silky smooth and soft under foot.

“Sticks” in almost any situation. In two years of selling this product, we have only have one minor adhesion failure. A single floor of 300sf, where a small amount (the size of a silver dollar) of finish would not stick. A buffing the floor with a maroon pad to slough off the peeling finish and another coat added fixed the problem. Since this occurence we have added in the extra step of “lightly abrade” the factory finish prior to applying the AT.

Beautiful low gloss Satin finish. The appearance of the cork is enhanced after the application of Loba Supra AT.

Low slip finish. The traction that Supra AT proves has improved the already “grippy” performance of Cork Flooring – a “low slip” flooring option.

Even my greatest “Nay-Sayer” has come back with compliments about this finish. He is so impressed, he is going to “refinish” the bedrooms finished in varathane because he can’t stand the slipperiness of the cheaper product.

Water Based Polyurethane Reviews2K Supra Certified
Water Based Polyurethane Reviews2K Supra Certified


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