Country of origin

We have 4 manufacturers that we carry at this time:

10 mm Cork Floating Flooring = Portugal

10.5mm Cork Fusion Flooring = Portugal

10.5mm Design Concept Cork Flooring = Portugal

11mm Cork Wood Flooring (Printed Cork) = Switzerland

11mm “traditional” cork flooring (bevelled edge flooring) = European grade flooring out of China

12mm Cork floating flooring = Portugal

4mm cork glue down tiles = European grade flooring out of China

6mm cork tiles = Portugal

8mm Cork Tiles = Portugal

3mm, 6mm, 12mm cork underlay = Portugal

3mm cork wall tiles and panels= Portugal

5mm cork wall tiles= China

6mm cork wall tiles = Portugal

7mm cork wall panels= Portugal

8mm cork wall tiles = Portugal

Loba Water Based and Wakol Water Based Adhesive = Germany


We take pride in our top quality offering of 11mm Cork floating flooring – Made in China

The manufacturer of 11mm cork floating flooring is out of China. The facility is a German factory that is situated at the base of one of China’s cork forests. Our German financier has been instrumental in bringing German technology to the Chinese Cork manufacturers. It is built to the same demanding standards required in Germany and Japan (the two most regulated countries regarding design, air quality control and construction). The cork products produced by Lincork have met the exacting standards set by Japan and Europe. The CARB air quality testing for the USA is considered 10 years behind the European standards and almost 15 years behind the Japanese standards. The cork produced by Lincork has been tested by 4 independent/international governing bodies and has passed each and every test. You can find out more about the Lincork tests by visiting their site and looking for the logos for: CARB, ECO Institut, SGE and CE. Or you can visit the following links:

CARB certified
ECO Institute certified
CE Testing Report
SGS report

Our 11mm cork floating flooring have continued to pass the ECO Institut’s (in Cologne Germany) 3 and 7 day air quality standards test for close to 15 years.
We produce to German standards, not to US or Canadian standards.

All cork material is out of Portugal and then manufactured from a plant in China that is run and managed under German standard requirements.

All of our 11mm cork floating floors are manufactured to the same air quality levels. We use Wakol water based adhesives as well as the Loba Supra Satin water based polyurethane to manufacture all of our 11mm products. The floating flooring contains one more element – HDF layer – this layer is made of high density paper/wood fibre and is held together/manufacture using the same Wakol adhesives as our “all cork” glue down tiles. The “off gassing” for our floating floor holds a rating of “Very Low” by the Eco Institute out of Cologne Germany (less than 87micrograms/meter squared after 3 days; less than 50 micrograms/metersquared after 7 days).

Formaldehyde was not detected. Carcinogens were not detected. These ratings are for the floating floor. The cork tiles would hold the same number ratings or better.