Cork Flooring for Dogs: A Durable and Pet-Friendly Solution

Cork Flooring for Dogs: A Durable and Pet-Friendly Solution

The durability of cork flooring when it comes to dogs is a common concern among homeowners seeking suitable flooring options for their homes. While there are only a few flooring choices that are impervious to scratches and gouges, such as stone, ceramic or porcelain tile, and concrete, cork flooring offers a more adaptable solution for pet owners.

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Although no natural wood floor is entirely scratch-resistant, cork flooring proves to be more resilient against the claws of dogs and cats compared to many other wood flooring options. Its inherent elasticity and impact resistance make it less prone to damage caused by pet claws. Moreover, cork’s anti-slip properties allow animals to move around without relying on their claws, minimizing the likelihood of claw marks on the floor.

Cork is a type of wood that is finished with a protective polyurethane layer, similar to other wood floors. However, cork flooring offers distinct advantages over other flooring types. It can be site-finished to enhance its resistance to spills and pet accidents, unlike laminate floors. Additionally, cork flooring can be installed as a floating floor, which is not possible with solid hardwood. Furthermore, it effectively withstands spills, making it superior to carpet in terms of durability.

For natural cork flooring, it is highly recommended to apply two coats of the Loba product during installation, as it provides exceptional toughness and reduces scratches and dents by up to 90%.

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Thanks to technological advancements, Forna Swiss cork flooring now boasts a robustness class 33 rating, indicating its high durability. The robustness class, also known as wear class or abrasion class, is an industry-standard measure used to assess a flooring product’s resistance to wear and overall durability.

A class 33 rating signifies that the cork flooring is suitable for heavy commercial use, making it an excellent choice for homes with dogs. This rating guarantees that the flooring has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand scratches, impacts, stains, and fading.

By choosing cork flooring with a class 33 rating, you can have full confidence in its durability and longevity. Whether used in commercial or residential settings with dogs, this flooring is specifically designed to endure the demands of daily use while maintaining its quality over time.