Colored cork flooring – Tasmanian Burl 6mm Cork Tiles

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6mm Cork Tiles 22 sq.ft/package

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 22
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Colored cork flooring – Tasmanian Burl 6mm Cork Tiles
Special Materials Required: Glue down flooring tiles require the use of Wakol D3540 cork adhesive and enough Loba 2K polyurethane to achieve two (2) coats of finish.

Must Read Glue Down Cork tiles

Cork has been used for flooring for over a century, bringing with it the textured look of hardwood, the soft give of carpet, and the easy maintenance of vinyl. Throw in that cork is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options on the market today and you’ve got a flooring material worth more than its weight in gold.

Tasmanian Burl glue down tiles are a darker richer browns that incorporate the depth of coffee with the smooth of caramel. Swirls of coffee swim among a softer toffee tone to create lovely eddies, mimicking the movement of water. Interspersed among these eddies are random cuts and divots that give Tasmanian Burl it visual dimensions. Tasmanian Burl glue down flooring will bring a rustic, almost smoky, appeal to your floor. A perfect addition to any den.

Our 6mm cork glue down tiles comes as 1/4 in x 12 in x 24 in—shaped planks, a square-edged design that will install seamlessly, allowing your floor to appear as a single large finished unit. For best results we recommend that our Tasmanian Burl glue down tiles be installed on a plywood subfloor that is clean and level or on ‘At or above grade’ concrete floors, (Please refer to our section on ‘Cork Tiles Installation Instructions’ for details and tips).

This also makes our cork tiles/planks one of the best sound and thermal insulators. A sheet ranging from 3mm to 12mm in thickness can mute sound by 10-40 decibels. Each Tasmanian Burl glue down tile is prefinished with 3 coats of European grade water-based polyurethane, and are ideal for areas such as the kitchen.  Packaged at 11 tiles/planks per package, and a total of 3 packages per a carton, each carton can cover a total of 66 square feet.

Want a flooring option that will have friends and neighbors talking? Look to our colored cork flooring, one of the best flooring options on the market today. Better technology and classier innovation has elevated the manufacturing of cork floors. Now a major contender as a 21st century building material, cork has become easier to obtain than ever on the home construction scene.

And that is not all cork brings to the table. A natural insect repellent cork also has a well respected record of being a wonderful insulator and sound barrier. Cork flooring is warm under foot and insulates heat and cold. This is from cork’s unique cellular structure, with its millions of cells trapping a gaseous substance, that provides a unique elastic structure that not only feels comfortable and cushioned but is durable and resilient.

If you are plagued with allergies, take cork under strong consideration. Due to the presence of a naturally occurring substance called suberin, cork is naturally resistant to deterioration and water damage, prevents the cultivation of mold and mildew, and keeps away bugs and dust mites.

Take on our Tasmanian Burl colored cork flooring today. This eco-friendly and sustainable flooring option will bring the wow factor into your home, turning on the compliments and may quite well inspire others to follow in your footsteps.


  • Installation: Glue-down
  • Applications: At or Above Grade; Bathrooms; Walls; Ceilings
  • Edge Profile: Square Edge cork tiles
  • Finish: 3 Coats of European Grade Water Based Polyurethane
  • Material: 100% Cork
  • Dimensions: ¼” x 12” x 24”
  • Coverage per Package: 22 sf
  • Tiles per package: 11
  • Packages per carton: 3
  • Coverage per carton: 66 sf
  • Carton weight: 42 lbs



Weight 15.33 lbs


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