Water Based Contact Adhesive – Wakol D 3540 Gallon


One gallon covers 180 sq ft when covering both the tile and the floor


Water Based Contact Adhesive  –  Wakol D 3540 Gallon

***Liquids such as Water Based Contact Adhesive and Polyurethane are NON-REFUNDABLE PURCHASES. NO credit will be given for liquids returned to us.

Attention Clients: Please be aware there are special requirements when shipping/purchasing cork glue down tiles and the liquids during winter months.

A “Winterizing Package” surcharge of $15 per gallon will apply to when ordering Loba 2K Supra AT or Wakol D3540 during cold months. These liquids are temperature sensitive and will become defective if exposed to temperatures below 5 Celsius (40F). Separate shipping may be required (and separate shipping costs apply). Transit times requiring more than 5 days could be subject to separate shipping at and could possibly require shipping in the Spring.

Manufacturer: Wakol Germany

Solvent free, water based contact adhesive for the interior installation cork tiles with natural cork backing on porous and non-porous subfloors, walls and to permanently adhered, non-cushioned, clean, existing floor coverings. Apply adhesive to floor and back of tile. Please use a roller for application. NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM


Water Based contact adhesive with Zero VOCs. Wakol D3540 Cork Adhesive can be used for interior installation of cork tiles and underlayment over porous and non-porous substrates.

Acceptable Substrates:

  • Plywood (at or above grade)
  • Concrete (at or above grade)
  • Drywall (unfinished)
  • Painted drywall so long as the paint has been covered in latex/water based primer
    Special Features:
  • Elongated working time
  • High initial bonding strength
  • Fast curing (24 hrs)

VOC content:


WAKOL D 3540 Cork Flooring Adhesive Product Data Sheet

Cleaning Up:

Soap and water before adhesive dries


Loba roller # 60 – 80 or # 120

Microfibre Roller 10mm (3/8”)

Coverage per Gallon:

170 – 180 sf of laid cork tile (this takes into account the need to coat both the cork and the substrate)

Work Site Conditions:
Normal Indoor Living Conditions required: 60 °F to 75 °F, 40% to 65% relative humidity

Open time:

30 – 45 min, depending on climate conditions and absorbency of substrates. Allow adhesive to flash completely (dry) until it is clear

Working time:

2 to 3 hours when cork and substrate are being coated at the same time
Tiles can be precoated as much as 24 hours in advance. When installing precoated tiles the working time is reduced to 1 to 1.5 hours

Curing time:

Curing takes 24 hours

Shelf life:

1 year in unopened container at 70 °F


Synthetic polymers and latex

Weight 11 lbs


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