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sand marble cork flooring tiles modern living room white sofa black

4mm Cork Tiles

Glue Down Cork Tile
5/32” x 11 13/16” x 23 5/8″

gray leather cork flooring forna luxury home grand piano stylish decor

6mm Cork Tiles

Glue Down Cork Tiles
¼” x 12” x 24”

logan forna cork floor interior office chairs

8mm Cork Tile

Glue Down Cork Tiles
5/16″ x 12″ x 24″

iCork Floor LLC, (Location: Seattle,) markets top quality Glue Down Cork Flooring at highly affordable prices. iCork Floor is rapidly becoming a leading supplier of Glue Down Cork Flooring. Whatever designs or models you need or wish for, you will be able to find them right here! Check out the gallery of colored cork tiles below and choose whatever shade or design that best suits your needs.

With iCork Floor LLC, you will enjoy the advantage of high quality Glue Down Cork Flooring factory finished with three coats of durable water based polyurethane. iCork Floor produces their cork flooring to the exacting standards of CARB.

Warm and soft, cork floors make a very comfortable flooring surface for a bathroom flooring. Cork Tiles are Unlike ceramic tile and porcelain tile, it never gets cold on your feet. It maintains an even temperature that is not too warm or too cold.

What is glue down cork tiles? Glue down cork tiles are normally made up of 100% cork. Some producers offer “raw” or with a factory finish. If there is a pattern, it is normally a cork-on-cork veneer (cork glued to cork). The finish may have a colour or stain added to it or the “raw” products can be stained on site. Factory finished tiles then go through another process of applying several layers of finish; be it urethane, polyurethane, acrylic, wax or oil. These finishes are most often water based or waterborne formulas – but not always. When glued into place, these tiles will then need to be site finished to achieve the final finish – which is water proof. For this reason glue down installation is the proper installation in bathrooms, laundry rooms and entranceways. A kitchen floor can also benefit from glue down installation where the owner is nervous about moisture.

Some producers will offer a floating floor “plank” (with High Density Fibreboard) that can be glued in place. This is a product that should not be confused with the 100% cork tiles. Glue-in-place planks cannot be installed in wet areas and many of them are finished in a ceramic bead or aluminum oxide “high wear” finish that cannot be site finished – ever