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Glue Down Cork Tiles

ceramic marble forna waterproof cork tiles master bath new construction home with black tub area

8mm Cork Tile

Glue Down Cork Tiles
5/16″ x 12″ x 24″

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6mm Cork Tiles

Glue Down Cork Tiles
¼” x 12” x 24”

Glue down cork floors, benefits worth having

If you are suffering from knee or joint pain then you know walking can be a chore. One that is not only difficult to perform but takes a toll in every movement. Amplify that with a hard unforgiving surface that provides no cushion, such as a hardwood floor or a stone floor and your discomfort is magnified. At Forna Cork Flooring we offer an alternative flooring material for those who suffer from joint pain. We offer a solution in the form of a softer material, one that can not only function similar to a cushion but also absorbs the impact or shock of every step to bring you some relief.


Ever thought cork could do more than be a bottle stopper or a thumbtack board. Well it is. For the last one hundred years cork has been doing a stint as flooring. But within the last score of years, cork has undergone a revamp, rebuilding its mangled reputation from the 60’s and 70’s. Advances in technology has allowed for better engineering on cork flooring, so you’re getting a better product.


We present to you our glue down tile cork flooring. This is our most natural design, allowing for pure cork efficiency and comfort. This type of cork-based flooring is not too soft or too hard. Firm of form, yet also relaxed enough to absorb footsteps so you do not feel the jar of each step. This type of flooring has quickly become a must have for gyms and physical therapy clinics.


The cell structure of cork itself is constructed in a ‘honeycomb’ like formation. A lot of air is trapped within these minute chambers. This trapped air does two things. The first is that it gives cork a cushiony feel, caused by the compression and release of air every time you step on it.  The second is the very structure provides some pretty awesome benefits not found in many other flooring materials.


Want a floor that does more than just be a floor? Cork does that. It’s a thermal insulator, able to help minimize the transfer of heat. You can achieve a room that will hold ambient temperatures for longer, which can reduce utility bills. Cork is a sound inhibitor. Its cell structure helps to prohibit the transfer of sound waves, thus loud noises can be muted thru a cork barrier. Cork is far more comfortable than hardwoods, tile or stone and less messy than carpeting. With cork you get a softer floor without all the dust and dander accumulation that carpet is known for.


What makes cork flooring so great? What makes it an ideal element for a variety of purposes? It’s because cork and all its benefits are derived from the natural material itself, not additives. The comfort factor and versatility of cork flooring is found in the essential construction of cork wood itself.


Cork is comprised solely from the bark of the cork oak tree. This bark is stripped, broken down to granules and subjected to complex processes to make cork flooring. The manufacturing of cork glue down tile is performed carefully and kept environmentally friendly to keep cork’s ‘green’ certificate. So on every level you get a glue down cork tile floor that has been geared to perform but still be a benefit to the earth.