The Best Hotel Flooring - Cork

The Best Hotel Flooring – Cork

Bought over a hotel or planning on making major upgrades to one? On the lookout for a floor that does more than just look good? Well then, let us introduce you to a flooring material that will wow you with its rather humble beginnings. Yes, we’re talking about cork. This simple material is nature-made to be the ‘go to’ flooring for you.

Why? Because cork is a material that does multiple jobs and each one is a benefit to you.

tasmanian cork flooring bedroom modern interior design soundproofing floors
Tasmanian Burl Forna Cork flooring, glamourus luxury hotel design

Keeps Noise Where It Belongs:

Cork’s genetic makeup is made of more than 50% air. Like a honeycomb, cork’s air-sealed cells work as a barrier that inhibits the transfer of sound. As a flooring or walling component, cork will therefore dampen sound. Footsteps or other thumps and bumps from the hallway are muted. Noises in the next room from such sources as the TV or bathroom don’t travel thru. In fact, cork will absorb and disperse the sound wave so that they become almost silent, making your hotel room quieter for sleeping. Cork works fabulously to insulate a room while also helping to keep unwanted noise out. What a way to ensure that this private space remains restful and quiet. Turn your hotel room into a relaxing retreat. And what’s even better, cork is among the best options on the market today for reasonably priced soundproofing because it does the job of several the price of one. Cork truly is an effective material that insulates against acoustical vibrations.

Cozy, Warm and Comfortable:

The texture of cork is softer underfoot in comparison to hardwood or ceramic/stone floors. Although it does not feel as soft as carpet, cork does have a ‘give’ to it that has an almost cushioning effect on not only your feet but body as well. Cork actually has therapeutic advantages over its competitors. How? Because cork is able to compress, like memory foam, thus it gives support instead of repelling. Sore feet and joints find a kinder surface to rest on. Cork material is also warm to the touch, so walking barefoot on it is a plus. Guests will be pleasantly impressed that their feet will never be too cold, while finding cork floors a relief to stand or sit on. With a cork floor, you get the warmth and comfort of carpet combined with the chic, edgy look of harder surface flooring.

silver birch forna cork modern bath room
Silver Birch Forna Cork flooring, hotel washroom chic compliment


Easy to Clean and Maintain:

With cork flooring wine and juice spills or the accident your furry friend just had is no headache or a costly fix. All it takes is a quick wipe up with some paper towels and oopsie-be-gone. Yes, it’s that easy. You can even do a light rinse with a vinegar-water solution to keep all the bacteria away. So very little to keep a cork flooring looking great.

Cork floors only need some basic of care:

  1. Weekly (or every few days) sweeping/vacuuming (beater bar “off”) to keep any grit or debris from forming scratches.
  2. Weekly “damp” mopping – water only (microfiber mop head with slightly damp mop head). Do NOT pour or spray water directly on the floor, too much moisture does not make the floor any cleaner, while standing water can cause warping.
  3. Monthly (maximum 2/month) pH neutral floor cleaner in lieu of the “damp water”, or a tincture of vinegar-water. This will help to keep cork floors sanitary.
teak fusion cork floor hotel luxury comfortable room design
teak fusion cork floor hotel luxury comfortable room design

Healthy and Naturally Sustainable Material:

Cork flooring is a healthy alternative to carpet, as it does not harbor dust and dander. Allergens are reduced providing a cleaner living environment. Insects hate the natural substance, Suberin, that is found in cork, so it works as a great repellent against those annoying little critters too. Cork is also water resistant so mold and mildew will find no purchase in a cork floor to generate.


Cork is one of the eco-friendliest materials found in the construction industry. The reason for that is that all cork products are derived from natural cork, which is only the bark of the cork oak tree. The cork oak tree can shed its bark and then naturally replenish itself. Thus, the material can be harvested periodically without having to cut down or damage the tree. With forests of these trees in the Mediterranean region and China, you have an established eco-system that provides a sustainable resource.


leather cork flooring Interior of a hotel apartment
leather cork flooring Interior of a hotel apartment


Cork flooring is beautiful. Not because it is cork, but because technology and innovation have come together to give cork a face lift. A cork floor can now take on a rainbow and plethora of patterns, colors and designs. Woodgrain? Yes, cork can do that. Marble? Yes, cork can look like that too. How about concrete? No problems. With cork your imagination is the limit. Today, a cork floor can complement a rustic design theme or rub shoulders with the most chic and elite. No look is too hard.


Thermal insulator:

Cork is a great thermal insulator. The same genetic structure that makes it a sound insulator does double duty to help it prohibit the transfer of hot/cold air. The ambient temperature wanted for a space or room will hold for longer periods. Cork floors can reduce heating/cooling costs by as much as 10%-30% in the space where it is installed. So, imagine what a house or hotel rooms that have cork flooring and walling can do on in the long run for energy consumption.

teak fusion forna cork floor hotel luxury and modern living room and dining room
Teak Fusion Forna Cork Floor Hotel Luxury and Modern Living Room and Dining Room


Cork Floors have been known to survive 50 years or more without having to be replaced. The US Library of Congress received their cork floor prior to it’s opening in 1887 and it is still BEAUTIFUL!! Cathedrals in Portugal and Spain also installed cork flooring around the same time period and the floors are still in use (heavy traffic areas to say the least!) more than 100 years later. So a cork floor in a hotel can take the wear and tear and still go strong.

Fire retardant

Cork is a natural fire retardant. The presence of Suberin, a waxy substance, helps cork to be fire resistant. It will not burn as easily as other types of wood-based flooring. In fact, cork is used on space shuttles for the very purpose of its slow burn properties. Cork flooring can even surpass laminate and vinyl flooring which have a faster combustion and burn rate.

If cork does happen to catch fire, another benefit is that it will not release any toxic chemicals. With other hard surface flooring options, you will find that dangerous chemicals are released when the flooring burns. With cork, this will not be an issue.

autumn ripple forna cork floor luxury modern hotel bedroom suite
Autumn Ripple Forna Fork floor, luxury modern hotel bedroom

With cork flooring you get a natural barrier against fires. In the event of a fire, a cork floor may be the difference between being trapped in a burning building and having an escape route. That is where seconds count.

ceramic marble forna cork floor interior design hotel lobby reception desk
Ceramic Marble Forna cork flooring, interior design hotel lobby reception desk.


taupe leather forna cork flooring tropical style hotel suite living room lounge
Taupe Leather Forna Cork Flooring Tropical Style Hotel Suite Living Room Lounge


teak fusion cork floor hotel luxury comfortable room design
Teak Fusion Cork Floor Hotel Luxury Comfortable Room Design


autumn leaves forna cork floor luxury modern bedroom suite in hotel
Autumn Leaves Forna Cork Floor Hotel Luxury Modern Bedroom Suite



teak fusion cork foran flooring black luxury modern bedroom suite in hotel and resort
Teak Fusion Cork Foran Flooring Black Luxury Modern Bedroom Suite In Hotel And Resort


salami cork flooring in a luxury hotel entrance lobby
Salami Cork Flooring In A Luxury Hotel Entrance Lobby


bleached birch cork floor modern hotel room
Bleached Birch Cork Floor Modern Hotel Room


gray bmboo forna cork floor hotel room modern style render
Gray Bamboo Forna Cork Floor Hotel Room Modern Style Render


gray bamboo forna cork floor hotel luxury modern bedroom suite
Gray Bamboo Forna Cork Floor Hotel Luxury Modern Bedroom Suite


Forna Cork Flooring in Hotels:

2019 Adrift Hotel Long Beach, WA Golden Beach Floating flooring

2019 Drawbridge Inn 6mm Gray Bamboo Sarnia Ontario

2019 The Burrard Vancouver BC 12mm Autumn Leaves

2018 Ojai Rancho Inn 10mm Desert Arable cork floating floor

2017 Adrift Hotel Long Beach, WA Cork Wall Panel

2017 Auberge La Grange Country Inn Winter Leaves 7/16” cork floating floor

2017 Alpine Inn 7/16” Blue Granite and Golden Beach cork floating flooring

More ….