Natural Cork Tiles – LEATHER 8mm

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8mm Cork Tiles 18 sq.ft/package

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 18
Total Price $73.62
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Natural Cork Tiles – Leather 8mm, 18 sq.ft per package

Special Materials Required: Glue down flooring tiles require the use of Wakol D3540 cork adhesive and enough Loba 2K polyurethane to achieve two (2) coats of finish.

Must Read Glue Down Cork tiles

Utilizing the colors of a well made hide, our 8mm Leather flooring is a pattern that is more than just popular. A blending of honey and amber flecked with soft browns and deep coffee, this traditional block pattern creates a ‘raw’ cork elegance. Like leather our Leather natural cork tiles not only look beautiful but feel soft and warm underfoot. Add it to any room and you will not only brighten the space but make it a retreat you’ll be reluctant to leave.

Our 8mm cork glue down tiles comes as 5/16 in x 12 in x 24 in—shaped planks, this square-edged design will install seamlessly, allowing your floor to appear as one large finished unit. For best results we recommend that our Leather glue down tiles be installed on a subfloor that is clean and level or only on ‘At or above grade’ concrete floors, (Please refer to our section on ‘Cork Tiles Installation Instructions’ for details and tips). No separate underlayment is required since our 5/16 inch thick planks are 100% low-density sound absorbing cork.

This also makes it one of the best sound and thermal insulators as 3mm to 12mm can mute sound by 10-20 decibels. Prefinished with 3 coats of European grade water-based polyurethane, Leather glue down tiles are ideal for areas such as the kitchen or basement. Packaged at 9 tiles/planks per package, and a total of 3 packages per a carton, each carton can cover a total of 54 square feet.

Cork is one of nature’s wonders. This amazing, renewable wood product is harvested from the bark of the cork oak trees grown mostly in Portugal. The thick outer layer of bark is carefully harvested, leaving the underlayer to regenerate for harvest in another nine years. This process continues until the tree is about 150 years old, before a new tree replaces the old.

An important aspect which will make cork your flooring of choice is that it is a good sound and temperature insulator. This temperature-insulating material does not let heat or cold pass through the floor, an extremely important function come summer and winter. Furthermore, Cork flooring maintains a relative temperature of 70 degrees all year round. Cork will also effectively lower the noise that is invading your restive moments, as a mere 3mm of cork can mute sound by 10 decibels. Upstairs thumping no longer dominates your every thought. The very structure of cork is what gives it these remarkable abilities. Like a honeycomb, cork airtight cells creates a material that is 50% air, light yet still durable.

In a nutshell, the advantages of natural cork tiles outweigh its disadvantages, which is evident from the impressive cork flooring reviews rated by homeowners. Install our Leather cork glue down flooring today and live the wonders.

It also comes 6mm Leather cork tiles.


  • Installation method: Glue-down
  • Applications: At or above grade; Bathrooms; Walls; Ceilings
  • Edge Presentation: Square Edge
  • Finish: 3 Layers European Grade Water Based Polyurethane
  • Material: 100% Cork
  • Dimensions: 5/16 in x 12 in x 24 in
  • Coverage per package: 18 sf
  • Tiles per package: 9
  • Packs per Carton: 3
  • Coverage per carton: 54 sf
  • Density at 20ºC: 650-750 Kg/m3
  • Carton weight: 55 lbs


  • Made in Portugal
  • 10-Year Residential Wear Warranty, and a Lifetime Structural and Joint Integrity Warranty
  • DIBT Cork Certificate
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • VOC and Formaldehyde test report
  • Very comfortable flooring for a bathroom and kitchen flooring
  • Water resistant – perfect for a bathroom
  • Made with formaldehyde free adhesives. The best flooring options for allergy sufferers
  • One of the best insulation products to reduces both noise and vibrations
  • Cork´s elasticity protects against and relieves strain on your feet, legs, joints and back
  • Natural insulation properties that can help reduce heating costs in the winter and provide a warm surface to walk barefoot on.
  • A natural resistant to pests, mould, mildew and anti-allergenic, Healthy alternative to carpet
  • A natural resilience and Low slip flooring
  • Easy maintenance: Sweep/vacuum and damp clean with pH neutral hardwood floor cleaner


Weight 18 lbs


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