The highest density best quality cork underlayment

Forna Cork floors provides one of the thickest, thus highest density cork underlayment’s on the market. At 12mm or 1/2inch thick, you get the best soundproofing natural cork provides. These agglomerated cork sheetings are a less expensive and more effective product, and can meet their more expensive counterparts’ toe to toe. Even better as cork is a 100% natural and renewable resource, you will contribute to conservation practices as well.


Control the acoustic ambience of your home with our cork underlay. Why? Because it works and works well on a completely natural level. Our cork products are derived from the single most sustainable wood material found in nature. The cork oak tree, of which forests are already in production the Mediterranean region, only sheds its outer bark to provide the material used for the agglomerated cork found in our cork products. Not one single tree is cut down. All are left standing, healthy and able to provide future harvests. Compare that to spray foam or fiberglass and you’ve got a better material for a cleaner earth.


This bark is unique in that its very genetic composition works like a honeycomb. Each cell is sealed and holds a gas similar to air within it. These cells then work in a memory foam-like fashion, able to compress and depress with pressure. This ‘compression’ gives cork its cushiony effect, where it can provide a supportive structure to stand on rather than just repel any contact. This same composition allows for cork to act like a thermal and acoustic insulator. In fact, a 3mm or 1/8inch thick sheet can mute sound by up to 13 decibels. 

6mm or 1/4 inch thick sheet can mute sound by up to 23 decibels


Our 12mm cork underlayment is the thickest sheet design currently available. Manufactured with the intent to be the best when it comes to acoustic underlayment, our underlayment is introduced in a natural board pre-cut sheet format.

High Density Forna Cork Underlayment Weight Of 1 Piece Of 12Mm Cork Underlay
The Weight Of 1 Piece Of Forna12Mm Cork Underlay Is 1.604 Lb.


High Density Forna Cork Underlayment Weight Of 1 Piece Of 12Mm Cork Underlay
The Weight Of 1 Piece Of 12Mm Cork Underlay From Our Competition Is 1.232 Lb.

With a 30% heavier weight difference this means you are getting a thicker and stronger cork underlayment than what is provided by most of our competitors. Better insulation over all. Each of our sheets comes in a 2ft x 3ft (24” x 36”) dimension, and are packed 15 sheets per box. You will get coverage for an approximate 90 square feet area. Our sheets are made from 100% agglomerated cork, bound together by a water-based adhesive/binders during the manufacturing process. As the adhesive is water-based, it is not recommended to lay these sheets in high humidity areas or areas that are exposed to prolonged moisture without the proper protectants. Please consult a Forna representative for further information.


As you can begin to understand, when you need help reducing airborne and impact noise, cork is a great material to turn to. Cork offers a higher level of sound reduction versus most standard foam underlayment. 12mm of cork can reduce noise up to 48 decibels. There are not a lot of other materials out there that can boast such a feat that will also bring corks other benefits all in one. In a work space or even a home office that makes great strides to reduce stress and noise annoyances. Kids at play don’t need to equal headaches or earaches.


And the icing on the cake. Our acoustic cork underlayment can be successfully used under traditional materials such as, ceramic tiles, hardwoods, natural stone, vinyl, linoleum, other cork flooring, laminate and bamboo. Other materials may be possible, consult one of our Forna representatives to learn more.


Don’t hesitate to learn more about our cork products. Imbued with some pretty fantastic natural properties, cork will bring its beneficial qualities and enhance your space. Add it to your home and witness this for yourself.