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Fusion Cork Floating Flooring

Fusion Cork vs Vinyl Floating Flooring

Forna Fusion CorkClick Together Vinyl
UnderlaymentAllow for 6mm and even 12mm cork acoustic underlaymentultra-thin under pads normally allowed with vinyl planks (3mm cork is the thickest allowable – and not all vinyl planks are allowed under pad)
Temperature increaseYes, Cork natural thermal insulation abilityNO
Cooler during the summerYes, Cork natural thermal insulation abilityNO
DurabilityIn a high-wear, super tough polypropylene (PP) finishYES
visibility of ScratchesNO visible line,visible white lines
Offer Sound ProofingYesNO
Sustainable FlooringYesNO
PVC freeYesNO
FadeNot FadeNot Fade
ClickYes, UniclicYes
PhthalatesNO phthalatesYes. which is what people worry about with vinyl

Forna Fusion Cork Flooring

Cork floors have made a strong comeback in the last two decades as a result of better manufacturing. Builders and homeowners have come to appreciate all the benefits cork flooring can bring into their interior spaces. Now we’ve upped the game with a line of cork based flooring that can take the grind, Fusion Cork floors.

A lot of consumers have been second guessing themselves as to whether a cork floor can take on the daily grind of a high performance lifestyle? Well, we’re here to say, you don’t even have to worry. Come take a look at Fusion cork flooring, our newest line, guaranteed to step up to bat and knock it out of the ball park as only a hybrid floor can do.

If you’re looking for the wow factor, then we are here to offer you wow item. Fusion Cork (Vinyl-like Cork Flooring) is pushing to be one of the best flooring products on the market. Utilizing high performance technology, each of these specially-engineered planks has a PVC free surface layer, what we term vinyl, that provides excellent durability and superior resistance. Fusion Cork flooring, will give you the ‘tough’ vinyl surface layer you want. Yes it’s super strong, able to take a beating. This coating is made from the same polypropylene used to make children’s toys, so it is safe and nontoxic for you and the environment. Back it up with two cork sub-layers, packed full of the natural benefits of cork, and a HDF fiberboard, and you’ve got a floating floor that can take the hits while looking fantastic doing it.

To be even more specific, our vinyl-like surface layer is made up of 0.2mm of polypropylene. It sits on a bed of 3mm of cork fused to a 6mm layer HDF fiberboard before being attached to another 1.5mm cork underlay. These two layers of cork provides the acoustic and thermal properties while the HDF layer gives it rigidity.

Available only as a floating floor, this product comes in single count cartons that will cover 16.28sf, a 5 plank count. Each square-edge 10.5mm x 210mm x 1200mm (7/16 inch x 8.27 inches x 4ft) plank is composed of a thin Polypropylene Embossed Finish surface fused to a 3mm layer of cork backing. A 6mm E1 Grade Moisture Resistant HDF or High Density Fibreboard core/middle layer comes next, followed by a 1.5mm cork underlayment. The underside also aides in giving that layer of comfort that eases sore feet and joints. Besides this, cork is a very hygienic flooring material that resists mold, termites, and mildew.

This style of flooring will install to a seamless finish, so you achieve a single uniformed or flowing piece.

Our Fusion cork flooring is beautifully decorative. As an alternative to traditional flooring materials, it provides truly beneficial properties as well. A cork floor has a cellular structure that is made of 50% air. Each cubic centimeter of cork's honeycomb structure contains between 30 and 40 million cells. This helps to make cork one of the best shock and sound absorbent materials, able to quiet and diminish impact or noise transfer by up to 10 decibels per 3mm of thickness and provide a solid barrier against heat transfer. Keeping it warm and quiet.