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Achieve the floor of your dreams with our 11mm floating cork floors. Available in a several colors and patterns your sure to find one to spark your imagination. You do the dreaming and we’ll back it up with a floor that comes with 3mm of genuine cork top layer, a middle layer composed of a 7mm E1 Class High Density Fiberboard then backed with another 1mm genuine cork underlay. It’s one of the best in its class for sound and thermal insulation. But that’s not where the buck stops. With a cork floating floor, you get all the benefits of genuine cork with an easier to install flooring. Less work with the same world class efficiency. Whether you are looking to create a warm cozy room or want something stark and dramatic our 11mm line can help you achieve the look and feel.

What do we mean when we say all the benefits of cork. Well wouldn’t you like a floor that can provide thermal and sound insulation, be water, mold and mildew resistant, and is eco-friendly. But even more at 11mm our cork floor will also do comfortable to walk on like few others. Take a little stress off your feet and joints and ease some of that back pain. A cork floor is perfect for achy joints and pregnant women. Cork is made of the soft, spongy — yet highly durable — tissue found in the bark of the cork oak tree, a species native to the Western Mediterranean region. Unlike its hardwood cousins cork has a certain amount of give to it due to its air-filled cells. It’s this give that allows for better support to your body and less impact shock, so if you’re standing for hours, what a relief.

When we say eco-friendly we mean it. Only the bark of the cork oak tree is used to produce our cork flooring. With an average life span of 150-200+ years, the bark is stripped from the trunks of these trees every nine to 10 years. The tree itself lives, grows and regenerates at its own natural rate. Then be assured that our cork flooring products are manufactured with no harmful adhesives such as formaldehyde or isocyanates, and contains no VOCs in its finish, so you know you are getting a truly green product that will go gently back into the earth after you are done with it.

Because of its natural resilience, cork flooring is capable of outperforming and outlasting many other types of flooring. You’ll be pleasantly impressed by the durability of this softwood species. It does the job but provides the comfort as well. That's why it has been used in many public buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and courtrooms, some of which have been in use for close to 100 years.

Our 11mm floating floors comes in single click together planks that are 12inches by 36 inches in dimension. We use the Uniclic tongue and grove system for solid jointure. Packed 7 pieces per carton, you’ll get 21.03 square feet of coverage.

As you can see, what cork brings to the table all inclusive really makes it a valuable product. You spend less to make your home a relaxing living space.