Cork Flooring Planks

Use our Cork Flooring Planks to create your dream home today. You will find this style of flooring quite surpasses its competition in terms of beauty, functionality, and most definitely versatility. Technology and ingenuity have brought cork into the 21st century, and by no means does it fail as flooring. Compared to its predecessors of the 1960’s and 1970’s today’s cork flooring planks not only meet the standard but brings its own unique abilities to the table to challenge its counterparts.

Sunny Ripple Cork Flooring Planks Beveled Edges Working Room In Basement
Sunny Ripple Cork Flooring Planks Beveled Edges Working Room In Basement

The last two decades have seen a definite upswing in popularity for cork floating floors. Why, because they combine the wonders of cork with a durable floor and finish it off with an easier installation process. Our floating cork flooring planks use the Uniclic tongue and grove system to click together, so tools are kept to a minimum and no glue is needed. Make a mistake, no problem, it’s easy enough to go back and fix it, something that can cost you $$$ with other more complicated installation types. As each of our cork flooring planks come as an integrated piece, no separate underlayment is required. What you have is a cork top layer + a cork underlay sandwiched over a layer of E1 Class High Density Fiberboard center. Thick, strong and ready to do the job. Another reason cork floating floors have the advantage is that these types of floors can be installed over an old floor with little to no preparation work.

Cork Floor Planks Walnut Planks
Cork Floor Planks Walnut Planks

Benefits to you:

  • Healthier floor – cork is water resistant and hypo-allergenic so doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria such as mold and mildew
  • Looking to install a radiant floor, cork works well with this heating system, and as cork itself has thermal qualities, will help to maintain the ambient temperature in your space
  • Need a soundproofing material, cork is the option to turn to. A 3mm sheet of cork can reduce sound by up to 10 decibels and comes at a less expensive cost
  • Our cork flooring planks comes in different thicknesses and widths too, so you have a selection to choose from, not only in color but size
  • Softer surface layer. Cork flooring planks provide cushion for your feet and joints, unlike hardwoods or stone floors, so walking across this floor is less stressful to your body
  • Easy to clean – on a regular sweep and light mop schedule a cork floating floor will shine for decades
  • Available in varying thicknesses, so you can find the one that best meets your needs – 10mm, 11mm and 12mm

Cork flooring planks provide nature-gifted benefits that start with the origin product itself. Derived from only the bark of the cork oak tree, Quercus Suber, the process of harvesting cork makes it one of the greenest materials on the market. No tree is killed, not even allowed to be harmed in the peeling process. A single cork oak can provide an average of 13 harvests in its lifetime, a lifespan of upwards of 150 years. To keep this green certificate the manufacturing of cork is also restricted to using only non-toxic and environmentally friendly additives, from the binding glues to the dyes.



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