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6mm wall tiles

In decades past, cork was conventionally used in homes, offices and school as poster boards, often in the natural, no nonsense cork look and color. Nowadays cork comes in a myriad of colors and a multitude of applications. Cork can now refresh and enhance the look of any room, especially in a wall tile or plank function. Whether you chose a traditional wood paneling look or a bit edgier mosaic application, it is your imagination that determines the limit. Be homey or be artistic, cork walling can help you bring out the best in your home. With new innovation comes in an interesting selection of colors and textures for cork, and whether you just want to put it on the floor or stick it  on the wall, cork wall covering also doubles as art.

Cork wall tiles and panels are quickly become a popular option in home decorating. It not only looks good and is easy to maintain but does something quite unique, cork does multiple jobs—sound reduction and thermal insulation just to name two. Our cork wall tiles offer the same benefits found in our cork flooring lines. Create a relaxing retreat with minimal fuss. On walls our 6mm cork tiles will act as an acoustic barrier and can mute sound by up to 14 decibels. Noise from outside or generated in other rooms will cause less of a disturbance, granting you a little bit of peace and tranquility. Falling or even smacking your head against a cork wall won’t bring serious injuries as its elastic surface cushions similar to memory foam.

Our 6mm walling comes as single 1/4 in (6mm) x 12 inch x 24 inch tiles that can be laid side by side for a seamless look. At 11 tiles per package you’ll get 22 square feet of coverage. And don’t worry, we don’t skimp. This is 100% natural Portugal grown cork. Quality and style.

Cork is hypoallergenic and will not actively attract or bond to dust particles. Resistant to liquid, cork will not promote the growth of mold or mildew and repels boring insects. And for those who have decided to go ‘green’, cork offers an outstanding solution. One of the only building materials that is 100% renewable and recyclable, cork rates as a top contender for sustainability. The cork oak is one of the only tree species on the planet that does not give up its life to supply the base material. The oak trees that provide cork are not chopped down, in fact, they are protected by law against this in Portugal. Only the outer bark, which naturally sheds on its own, is carefully peeled off the cork oak to manufacture the tiles.

We are also proud to inform you that our 6mm cork wall tile line is made with formaldehyde free additives, so buy knowing you are getting a product that is harvested and manufactured using the cleanest and earth-friendliest process. Browse the colors and patterns of or 6mm cork wall tile line and feed your need for an awesome product that brings some pretty awesome benefits.