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Cork Underlayment

$2.65 $1.49 sq.ft
$1.33 $0.75 sq.ft
$0.70 $0.39 sq.ft

Impact Insulation Class (IIC)
Transmission of impact noise can be controlled by isolation. The ratings are greatly improved by
using cork underlayment. The higher the IIC number the better the impact insulation:

Sound Transmission Class (STC)
Measure of resistance of a building element such as a floor or wall to the passage of audible sounds.
The higher the STC number the better the sound barrier:

1/2" (12mm) cork underlayment IIC STC statement.

1/4" (6mm) cork underlayment IIC STC statement.

1/8" (3mm) cork underlayment IIC STC statement.

1/2" (12mm) cork floating IIC report.

warm cork underlay

Synthetic Foam

Wood, Laminate, carpet and ceramic floors absorb out body heat, thus the floors have a colder feel. Classic synthetic foams do not provide thermal insulation.

Forna Cork underlayment

Forna cork underlayment placed under the floors reflect heat of our body, thus offering a more comfortable feel and protecting the natural warmth of your feet.