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Cork Wall Tiles

Textured Cork Wall Tiles

Cork Panels and Tiles
12″x 24″

white leather acoustic insulation cork tile wall

6mm Cork Wall Tiles

Glue Down Cork

walnut burlwood forna cork panels for wallss oundproofing

8mm Cork Wall Tiles

Glue Down Cork

Everyone knows cork glue-down tiles are great on floors, but did you know they rock on walls as well?
You can use our cork panels on your walls, bars, boats, RVs, just about anywhere you can think of. Cork is natural insulator, repels moisture and is easy to clean. Cork wall panels and wall tiles provide a natural insulation so is a great choice for that home theaters and kids play room you just put in because it absorbs sound.
Keeps it warm and cozy, and looks great. Plus since cork repels many different allergens like mould and mildew it can help you to keep these under control in your home. Cork repels moisture so mould and mildew is kept under control helping to lessen allergies.
Cork Tiles feature a random pattern because natural cork tiles patterns are unique never Repeat. This is beauty of natural cork tiles.

Sound Reduction Rate:

6 mm cork tiles Impact Sound Reduction ISO 140-8 – 17 dB,
8mm glue down tile has been estimated to achieve between 20 – 22 dB of acoustic insulation.
7mm Cork Wall Panels has been estimated to achieve 18 dB of acoustic insulation.