Acoustic Underlay – 12mm Cork Underlayment (Density 220 kg/m3)

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3mm cork underlayment sample

15 sheets, 90 sq.ft in box

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 90
Total Price $118.80
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Acoustic Underlay – 12mm Cork Underlayment
Nothing works better at reducing noise and sound transmissions between floors than cork. Now you can have our Acoustic Underlay – cork underlayment in a fabulous 12mm (1/2”) thick sheet.

Control the acoustic ambience of your home with our cork underlay. Cork is derived from the single most sustainable wood materials found in nature. The cork oak tree only sheds its outer bark to provide the material used for the agglomerated cork found in our cork products. Each and every tree is left standing and able to provide future harvests.
warm cork underlay

Synthetic Foam

Wood, Laminate, carpet and ceramic floors absorb out body heat, thus the floors have a colder feel. Classic synthetic foams do not provide thermal insulation.

Forna Cork underlayment

Forna cork underlayment placed under the floors reflect heat of our body, thus offering a more comfortable feel and protecting the natural warmth of your feet.

Our 12mm cork underlayment is the thickest sheet design. Comprised to provide the best when it comes to acoustic underlayment, we present it in a natural board pre-cut sheet format. Sturdy and rigid, you can work stress-free knowing these sheets will not break apart easily. 12mm sheets come in a 2ft x 3ft (24” x 36”) size and are packed 15 sheets per box. This will allow for a coverage of a 90 sq feet area. We use only 100% agglomerated cork bound together by a water-based adhesive or binders during the manufacturing process. As with the rest of our cork based product line, we are proud to state that our acoustic underlayment is toxin free and recyclable. Compare that to spray foam or fiberglass and you’ve got a better material for a cleaner earth.

Need help reducing airborne and impact noise. Cork offers a higher level of sound reduction versus most standard foam underlayment. Unlike synthetic foams, cork is a material that is by the very nature of its honeycomb like structure, which is composed of millions of air tight cells, a natural inhibitor resistant to the transfer of heat or sound. 12mm of cork can reduce noise up to 22 decibels, according you a little bit of peace and quiet. Acoustic cork underlayment can also be successfully used under wood, ceramic tiles, hardwoods, natural stone, vinyl, linoleum, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, engineered wood, vinyl composite tiles, cork flooring, laminate and bamboo.

Our underlayment is formaldehyde free and will act as a thermal barrier so a colder subfloor such as concrete will not leech thru to chill a room. With cork underlayment you’ll also get relief when it comes to heating and cooling bills as well. Cork helps to hold the ambient temperature in a room for longer periods, so you’ll cut back on running heaters and fans.

Imbued with some pretty fantastic natural properties, cork has demonstrated what beneficial qualities to can bring. Add our cork underlayment to your home and witness this for yourself.

12mm underlay


  • Source Country: Portugal
  • 100% Agglomerated Cork
  • Density: 200 – 220 kg/m3
  • Thickness: 12mm (nominal ½”)
  • Sheet Size: 2ft x 3ft (24” x 36”)
  • Square feet per carton: 90 sf
  • Weight per carton: 53 lbs
  • MSDS
  • Resin Statement


iCork Floor has chosen to be a leader in cork and cork underlayment. The 12mm cork underlay thickness has been added to our line-up due to constant demand. We remain one of the few companies that maintain stock of this valuable cork underlay. A strong percentage of condo and apartment HOA boards require 12mm (1/2”) cork underlay be used as an acoustic barrier. The lack of 12mm cork available to homeowners has made this a daunting task. iCork Floor has decided to stock this rare and valuable commodity to best serve our clients and their acoustic needs.

Weight 53 lbs


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