Buy Cork Flooring  Frequently Asked Question


Q. How do I obtain samples?

A. Samples can be ordered online or over the phone at 253-872-5503 or 1-877-988-2675. The first 5 samples are free.  The $7.00 charge is for the cost of shipping those samples using USPS shipping methods.  This small fee can be refunded at the time you wish to place a flooring order with iCork Floor.  Simply let us know that you wish to receive a credit for the cost of shipping your samples.  At the time of check out please indicate the month you purchased your samples and we will subtract this amount from your order before it is processed.

Q. How about Shipping charges?

A. Shipping charges are typically determined by product weight, size, and ship-to-address, therefore the cost of shipping maybe not accurate when your order in our website. For orders (other than Free Sample Orders) you will receive an order confirmation. We will not process your order until you approve the shipping cost.

Q.Which forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, bank drafts (also referred to as cashier’s checks or money orders) and wire transfers.

Q. I need a smaller amount of product . Could I order it?

A. Yes, please Request a Quote. We offer smaller orders (less than 1 full box of glue down tiles; less than 5 boxes of floating floor products).  The cost of shipping on the website will not be accurate for smaller orders.  Please contact us directly so that a full and accurate quote can be produced specifically for your order.

Q. Do I need to pay taxes?

A. We do not collect sales taxes from outside of Washington customers.

Q. How to Place My Order?

A. Find out here