Terminals and Businesses Delivery Information

You have an option to have your order delivered to a Terminal, especially when the shipping/freight company has a terminal location that may be close to you and convenient for you to go and pick up the product.

What is a terminal?

A terminal is the warehouse belonging to the shipping company where the shipping company transfers your shipment from our warehouse to their warehouse. Their warehouse staff will unload onto their docks and be handling your shipment at this time.

You can pick up your order there after your order has arrived and unloaded at the terminal.

Why Pick It up my order in a terminal?

Most parties decide to utilize this terminal option for cost and time savings.

As opposed to requiring an additional service – like a tailgate and additional appointment from the shipping company to arrange for a residential delivery, utilizing a shipping company’s terminal dock can actually save you cash.

You can also save time. Rather than having to wait around for a delivery, you have more control over your shipment. Most terminals are open early morning, you can pick up your order before starting your day at work.

For a contractor these savings can come in handy, especially when you’re ordering cork flooring for your customers, but do not have a warehouse with a loading dock.

Business deliveries – To qualify for business delivery:

Here’s what you should know for a Terminal pick up

Freight Terminal Shipment is sometimes called a  “Hold for pick up at the terminal” shipment We deliver your cork flooring order to a terminal and you go to the terminal to pick up your order.

How to place order with terminal pickup as the shipping method:

When you place order and after filling out the BILLING DETAILS, then you select

“Ship to a different address” and put the terminal address as shipping address.

How to determine the weight of your shipment so you can prepare a car or truck for pick up your order:

You can find each carton weight in our website in each product specification.

You can send email or call us for your shipping weight.

Where are terminals located?

You can find a terminal near your home on our website’s terminal map.

You can click on the bubble and the name and location of the terminal will show and then select which is closest and convenient for you to go pick up your shipment

The terminal locations can be viewed on our website menu under the – Contact section