Natural Resources Conservation 3 Ways Cork Floors Do

Global warming is a concern worth taking seriously. Depleting fossil fuels is a reality. So we should all do our part to help conserve our natural resources and give a little back to the earth that sustains us. For homeowners looking to build or renovate we can do this by using alternate means and materials to build and furnish our homes. Look to products that can be recycled or are earth-friendly. We can conserve without sacrificing style and quality.

Natural Resources Conservation Ways Cork Floors
Natural Resources Conservation Ways Cork Floors


Did you know that Cork and most cork-based products contribute to Natural Resources Conservation in at least three methods.

  1.  All cork is derived only from the outer bark of the cork oak tree. This bark is shed naturally by the tree and we humans have been able to utilize that. The bark is carefully peeled every decade or so and the tree is left alone to regenerate. No tree is cut down to provide material, no land is dug or altered to provide material. Cork trees are protected by law, especially in the highest cork producing country Portugal. In the Mediterranean where the largest forests exist, you’ve already got mass production.
  2. Cork forests provide a natural habitat to various wildlife and contributes to the protection of the environment thru soil Natural Resources Conservation, regulation of the water cycle, reduction of carbon emissions and preservation of the biodiversity. In the Mediterranean region, cork forests play an important role in regulating water and soil conservation, providing protection against wind erosion, and increasing the rate at which rain water infiltrates and replenishes the groundwater.
  3. The manufacturing of cork flooring products is done with the same consideration and care as the harvesting process. The refining and manufacturing process of cork material is geared to be earth friendly. Products used, such as water-based adhesives to coloring, are chosen for their low environmental impact.

With climate changes that show signs of being detrimental to our continued way of life, investing in cork flooring or walling is a good decision. You give a little back to the earth in a product that is one of the best ‘green’ materials to date. And in return, Cork brings other positive benefits that makes your home a cleaner, healthier place to live. Visit us at to see our products and learn more.