Is cork flooring water resistant?

Exploring the Water Resistance of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has gained popularity for its unique properties, and one question that often arises is whether it is water resistant. In short, cork flooring is indeed water resistant, thanks to its natural composition and the presence of Suberin, a substance found in cork cells.

Linea Dark Cork Floor Hot Coating Floating Wide Planks Kitchen Durable Waterproof
Linea Dark Cork Floor


The water resistance of cork can be compared to the way wine bottles are sealed, preventing any liquid from seeping through. Surface spills and splashes have no detrimental effect on cork flooring. Its ability to withstand water makes it a suitable option for various settings, ranging from bustling households with active children to public spaces like schools and hotels. Moreover, cork flooring absorbs sound, making it a great choice for music rooms.


Kitchens, in particular, benefit from the unique properties of cork flooring. The cellular structure of cork allows it to absorb shocks, providing a comfortable surface for standing, even during long periods spent in the kitchen. Whether you prefer floating floors or glue-down tiles, there is a wide range of options available to suit your needs.

Ceramic Marble Forna Waterproof Cork Tiles Master Bath New Construction Home With Black Tub Area
Ceramic Marble Forna Waterproof Cork Tiles Master Bath New Construction Home With Black Tub Area


A properly sealed cork floating floor can handle substantial amounts of water on its surface for extended periods. With two coats of finish, significant spills should not cause any damage. However, extreme plumbing incidents, such as a dishwasher explosion, may surpass the capabilities of cork flooring, even when using glue-down tiles. In such cases, the underlying plywood subfloor would require replacement, necessitating the installation of a new cork floor.


Cork floating floors, treated with two layers of Loba AT finish, exhibit high resistance to water and can withstand prolonged exposure to spills. While major water events may pose a risk to the flooring, such occurrences are rare. The most common concern is surface spills, which can be easily addressed.

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For those seeking extra assurance, our glue-down cork tiles are specifically designed for full bathrooms and can handle the additional moisture commonly found in such environments. It’s important to note, however, that like any flooring material, including porcelain or sheet vinyl, if water reaches the subfloor (the plywood to which the cork is glued), damage may occur.


In conclusion, cork flooring offers impressive water resistance due to its natural properties. Surface spills are easily handled, and properly sealed cork floors can withstand substantial amounts of water. For areas with increased moisture, such as bathrooms, specialized glue-down cork tiles are available. Understanding the limitations and ensuring proper installation and maintenance will help you enjoy the benefits of water-resistant cork flooring in your home or commercial space.