Installation Instructions for New Wall Panel with MDF Core

Required Tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer or Brad nailer and 3d/1.25″ finish nails
  • Table saw or circular saw for cutting
  • 4-foot level for alignment
  • Tube adhesive (Recommended: Loctite PL Premium or Manus 75 AM HV)
  • Safety goggles for protection


Step 1: Acclimatization and Cutting

Allow the cork wall panels to acclimate to the room’s conditions for a minimum of 72 hours. Open the boxes in the room where they will be installed. It’s not necessary to remove the panels from the boxes during this period. If necessary, measure and cut the panels to fit your wall dimensions using a table saw or circular saw.

Step 2: Surface Preparation

Ensure the installation surface is flat and completely dry before beginning the installation process.

Step 3: Adhesive and Nailing

For optimal installation, use both adhesive and nails. Apply adhesive as illustrated in the accompanying picture. When possible, insert brads or nails into wall studs for added stability.  Installation Instruction Glue Apply 2Installation Instruction Glue Apply




Step 4: Panel Installation

Begin by identifying the center of the wall and marking this point on the floor. Use the level to ensure the first panel is perfectly plumb. Install this panel using the recommended adhesive, and secure it in place with a brad gun. Continue by installing additional panels to the left and right of the first panel, working your way towards the corners of the wall.Installation Instruction Cork Wall Panels NailingInstallation Instruction Cork Wall Panels Nailing 2