Enhanced Durability and Waterproof Joints in Our Swiss Cork Flooring

Our Swiss cork flooring offers exceptional durability and waterproof features, ensuring tight joints and improved wear resistance. The patented Uniclic flooring system incorporates a highly secure and watertight lock system, surpassing standard versions in reliability. Achieving a seamless connection requires some additional effort to lock the planks firmly together.

While some contractors may find this unique locking system challenging to install, as they are accustomed to easily clickable joints by hand, our Swiss cork flooring necessitates the use of a taping block. This specialized tool ensures a precise and secure installation process.

Notably, there may be variations in the click connection mechanism between our Swiss cork flooring and others. We can confirm that our adapted Unilin click system boasts superior connection strength values that comply with European Standards. These exceptional values guarantee a stable click connection, eliminating the risk of open joints.

Taping Block
Taping Block

This disparity in locking systems could account for the differences observed.

To prevent any damage to the planks during installation, we strongly recommend the use of a taping block that is at least 20 cm long (as shown in the pictures).

Using a smaller block applies excessive pressure to a limited area of the board, often resulting in damaged edges. By following this guideline, you can ensure the longevity and pristine appearance of your Swiss cork flooring.