Can I order form you if I am not living in United States and Canada?

Can I order form you if I am not living in the United States or Canada?

Yes. You will need to find an International Freight Forwarder company and have them arrange for the product to be imported and exported to your country. Once you have arranged this, you can order your cork flooring from our websites ( or and for the shipping address you will need to provide us with the shipping location for the Freight Forwarders warehouse. We will then ship your order to this company’s warehouse and they will handle the shipping from their warehouse to you.

Here are some Freight Forwarders we have worked with previously:

For Middle America, Caribbean, Central America:

Oversea Shipping and Shopping Inc

10049, NW 89 Ave. Bay 3

Medley, FL 33178

+1 305-889-0071

To other countries you can contact:

Locher Evers International

Teo Szekely



Bollore Logistics – CANADA


Tel: 604-207-2421


Our warehouse address:

185-1991 Savage Road,

Richmond BC, V6V0A4 Canada