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Cork Flooring 12 Inch

Want a comfortable floor that comes in a width that is easy to work with? Look to our 12 inch width flooring in both glue down or floating floor styles. These wide planks go down quickly and with fewer pieces so you’ll have less headaches. You’ll get an awesome looking floor that not only does its job, but does it on a level worth the time and effort.

Cork flooring is comfortable, quiet, and available in more colors and patterns than you may imagine. Our 12 inch width comes in variable thicknesses as well, so you can choose the one that best meets your soundproofing needs. If you desire a flooring product that is not only quiet to walk across but will help muffle room noise, cork must be considered. There are over 100 million air cells or pockets per cubic inch of cork. These built in shock and sound absorbers make it an excellent sound deadening material. Reduce thumps and bumps for up or downstairs with our 6mm or 8mm flooring tiles and planks. You’ll definitely get a little bit of peace and quiet. Noise pollution from outside just too loud, go with our 8mm or 12mm thick wall coverings or underlayment for the most effective sound reduction on your exterior walls.

Floor buyers with an eye toward the environment can also take a serious look at cork flooring because it is made from a sustainable resource. Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, an evergreen oak tree native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Cork is a renewable, sustainable resource that can be harvested from a mature tree (one that's at least 25 years old) once every 9-10 years without harming the tree or the environment.

But that is not where cork ends. Nature made it a top notch material as well, endowing cork with some pretty spectacular benefits that allows it to do multiple jobs. Cork is natural thermal insulator. The millions of tightly-packed air cells found in corks cellular structure works like a memory foam type barrier to keep unwanted temperatures out and ambient ones in.

The distinctive style of cork flooring in modern interior design, the creation of space with style and personality starts with a beautiful and expressive floors. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is removed from the trunk by hand without ever damaging the tree and every year a new bark grows making it a renewable and sustainable resource.

Worried about upkeep? Don’t. Cork flooring is easy to maintain if you follow its care instructions. With minimal care, it can keep its look for up to 40 years. It is hard to scratch or tear. And because of its “bouncy” nature, most furniture indentations won’t last long. It is the ideal flooring for high-traffic areas. So, install it anywhere that children and pets roam free. Even better, to be on the safe side we recommend and sell a time tested polyurethane to go with our cork floors. We wouldn’t stand by it if it can meet our requirements so now your cork floor will be double protected.