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Clearance sale cork flooring

Clearance sale


Come browse our clearance cork products, you’ll find them as beautiful and functional as any other in our lines. These tiles and planks fall into our low inventory or discontinued lines, colors, or patterns so don’t discredit them, or assume them to be inferior. We bring you A quality cork products at better prices because we believe in making a solid product.

If you’ve ever thought cork could do more than be a bottle stopper then you would be right. It can. We’ve got cork flooring and wall coverings, designed to impress any aesthetic sense of beauty. As an alternate to ceramic tiles, other hardwoods or paint on sheet rock you can use these panels to create your own unique piece of art. Style it into a wall of corkwood or lay it on the floor for a warmer, softer feel beneath your feet, it’s up to you. The best part is that unlike regular hardwoods, cork does more than just look good. Cork is one of the most sustainable wood materials found in nature as only the outer bark is harvested from the cork oak tree to provide the material used for agglomerated cork products. Each tree is left intact to regenerate its bark, thus a single tree capable of living upwards of one hundred fifty years can reap a yield once every decade. The intrinsic characteristics of cork is what make this flooring and walling material such an remarkable option. Highly durable, it is preferred for its ability to resist scratches, cracking and long lasting resilience. Cork has the natural ability to compress with pressure, much like memory foam and regain its original shape once that pressure is removed.

Cork is a thermal and sound inhibitor. Made of more than 50% trapped air pockets, these cells provide a barrier that keeps air from leeching thru, so the ambient temperature you have in a room stays for longer periods of time. As a sound insulator, cork will reduce the decibels of noise that moves thru it, cutting out roughly 10 decibels per every 3mm. Noise from outside will be muted as well as that moving from room to room. Cork doesn’t stop there either. Use it as a backsplash for stove tops as cork is a natural fire retardant. Cork underlayment is formaldehyde free, so no toxic antigens are present or made present in your home. You get a cleaner, healthier material to live with. Add to that that cork is water resistant and you have a wood-based flooring that does not rot, repels the growth or mold and mildew. Cork flooring offers a wide range of benefits, making it one of the more popular flooring choices available today. Allergies can be reduced with cork as it does not collect dust unlike carpeting. Your home will be a comfortable space tailored to give you the best in living.

Take advantage of our clearance products and pricing, you’ll find that it is of a more manageable expense then some of its counterparts.