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Cork flooring that can be installed in Below Grade

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Below grade means the portion of a home that is under the ground (basement). The term below grade is used to give more information about where rooms are located in a home. Many homes have basements, and many of those basements are very usable, desirable areas, but the fact of the matter is they are still basements, and basement areas are not as desirable as above ground areas.All floating cork flooring can be installed in the below grade areas. Installing cork flooring in the basement can be a really good choice because it has two really good advantages, which are the facts that cork flooring resistant mold, and it is warm underfoot. It also is sound insulating; Cork is also naturally fire resistant, skid resistant. I thank the best basement flooring is cork flooring.We recommend the installation of cork floating floors in basements. Due to a risk of moisture migration from the concrete slab floating floors should be placed over a moisture barrier (6 mil film of polyethylene). This will provide you with trouble-free flooring.