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When wondering what makes these CORK TILES so special, the answer is pretty simple: they are unmatched when it comes to price, flexibility, design and many other amazing advantages. Let’s talk about the fact that cork is an eco-friendly material, which means that choosing this kind of product will offer you the chance to play a role in saving our environment. The reason? Cork is harvested without actually hurting the trees that produce it and it is considered to be one of the best renewable resources on the market.

Even though there are many other flooring or walling options, why should you pay attention to them when you could install cork in your home? Besides helping out and doing what is better for the planet, you are also making the smartest decision for yourself and your entire family. Noise reduction is amongst the many benefits associated with cork glue down tiles. No matter how hard you stomp your feet while walking on the floor, the noise generated is less than what is generated on a hardwood or ceramic tile floor. You don’t have to walk lightly so as not to bother anyone in the house. They will not hear you anyway!

Thermal insulation is an additional advantage that will allow you to see some interesting changes to your monthly electricity bill. With a cork floor you will not be spending as much on heating your home or keeping it cold (on summer days). It is great to know that this new addition to your residence will add so much value to it. It will have a positive effect on many aspects of your life, not just the ones mentioned above. Obviously, noise and temperature affect your mood. But what about joint pain? When you walk on hard surfaces, in time, your joints have to suffer.

Well, this will not be the case when you choose to install a cork floor. Falling on a cork floor also reduces the chances of a serious injury as this material is softer. These elastic air-filled tiles are going to protect you in manner you would have not imagined. Besides being a pleasure to walk barefoot upon, you cab also feel confident enough to let your little ones run around freely. Should they trip and fall, they are more likely to get right up without dealing with the usual pain and bruises. This is just how great these tiles are.

An important fact that you need to keep in mind regarding these CORK TILES is that there are two types available – glue-down tiles and floating cork floors. While both of them offer all of cork’s associated benefits, it is the GLUE DOWN CORK FLOORING that will provide 100% of the advantages mentioned above and much more. Why, because they are 100% cork while cork floating floors have an integrated fiberboard that does not perform as cork does, which makes the planks harder and less effective thermal and sound wise. For example a 8mm glue down tile is 100% cork, so you get the full cork effect while a 12mm floating plank is 6mm cork and 6mm fibreboard so its performs a little bit less.

There are a few other facts that you should know about the glue down flooring, starting with its installation. We recommend that this install be done by a professional who has hands-on experience with cork floors. This is the only way you can prevent some unpleasant situations that might even void your warranty. After all, we are talking about a 25-year warranty, which is something you do not want to lose in any way.
Also, be sure to read up on the list of instructions we provide, follow them to the T, so that you do not have to worry about damaging your floor when installing it or after that. It would be recommended that you check them out every single time you consider refinishing your floor so that you do not end up using the wrong product. Glue down cork tiles are an excellent choice in rooms where humidity is not an issue. You can enjoy it in your living room or in your bedroom and even in your hallway.

Just try to imagine walking barefoot on a floor after a long day at work and experiencing a level of comfort and warmth that you will not find when choosing other flooring material like hardwoods or ceramic tiles. If you have pets, do not worry about any insects that might want to stick around as cork will repel them along with mildew and allergens. If you are worried about your pet shedding and having all that hair spread everywhere inside your home, there is an easy solution – just vacuum it or sweep it away. Cork floor maintenance is a breeze from all points of view.

You will not need to spend hours upon hours cleaning it. If something spills on it, as long as it is properly finished and sealed, you can wipe it right away without worrying that the liquid might infiltrate between the tiles. Returning to pets, you might be stressed about your dog or cat having a small accident on the floor. As long as you clean it as soon as possible, there will be no stains or noxious odors to worry about.
Cork glue down tiles may be a more intense install, but if you prepare everything ahead of time and are consciences about your work, before you know it, you are done. This is the kind of project you could handle on your own if you are familiar with flooring installation and are willing to learn specific cork facts. However, if you do not want to worry about unpleasant situations, we recommend you hire a professional who has hands-on experience with cork flooring to help you install it. It is your choice.

Not two glue down tile looks the same, so arrange each tile before actually gluing them to the floor so that you can find the most exquisite combinations. Take a closer look at all of our different designs and pick the one you like the most. If you are undecided, make sure to ask for some samples so that you can make an informed decision!