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Investing in a premium floor can mean that you have to spend a small fortune for the project. If you are worried that this might be true when it comes to cork as well, then be assured that the reality is completely different. When it comes to cork flooring planks, be aware that some are designed to have a bevelled-edge, which makes them comparable to high-end hardwoods. But why should you spend so much on this kind of material when you can have its wood grain pattern backed by cork and with all the amazing advantages associated with cork floors?

The right type of FLOORING option should be one that meets your needs. Even when you might be set on something like marble or hardwood, there is no need to go out of your way to find a cheaper version. In this case, you can have both – an affordable price and a floor that mimics the design you love so much. There are so many interesting benefits that cork can offer you, especially when you want to save money on the installation process as well. Seeing as these planks are available as a floating floor, installing them is going to be a breeze.

Just make sure that you measure the space where you intend on having this new amazing floor and order an additional 3-5% so that you can make cutouts or replace the planks that might be damaged during the installation. CORK PLANK FLOORING is a great option for any home, regardless if we are talking about places where you might spill water or where there is a high level of humidity such as the basement or bathroom, or if people walk on it countless times a day such as your hallway, by the entrance.

What is there to know about cork? First of all, it is an eco-friendly material that has made positive changes to countless homes until now and probably even more in the near future. The harvesting of this material is done without any damage to the tree that produces cork bark, allowing it to regenerate in the following years without any trouble. By investing in it, you are doing the planet a favor, while being able to benefit from a long list of advantages. Besides its versatile designs, you will also enjoy a noise reduction factor.

When stepping on cork FLOORING, the noise that you generate is minimal. If you should trip and fall, you will not suffer the same unpleasant experience that you are used to when something like this happens on hardwood or even on ceramic tiles. Cork is softer and is a material that protects better against serious injuries while also being easy on your joints. While walking barefoot on it, you receive a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort. These planks come as a floating floor, which means that you will not have to deal with any additional installation costs.

Forget about buying glue or even having to find a professional installer. If you are ready to enjoy this new amazing floor, order the planks, make the necessary preparations and spend a few hours on getting the whole area done. Easy enough to be a DIY project, fun and can be completed much faster than other installs. However, there are certain instructions that you need to follow so that you can benefit from the 25-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Take a quick look at them before beginning the installation process so that you do not end up making any mistakes. Which of our available designs do you like the most? If you can’t decide, place an order for some free samples or talk with one of our sales agents for advice on how to place the right order.