Beveled edge cork flooring

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Beveled edge Cork flooring by iCork Floor is a Floating Floor with Uniclic lock system that makes for an easy installation. These narrow cork planks, with beveled edges and ends, have the look of a traditional hardwood flooring. A Beveled Cork floors is a plank that has a slightly rounded edge – all the way around. When the cork flooring are laid, the seam is noticeable and will give the cork floor the look of hardwood planking instead of a flat, seamless finish. The extra manufacturing required for this finish is what moves the price upwards. A strong majority of our clients have no opinion on the bevelled edge finish and therefore choose not to spend the extra money. A small group of clients hate the look and thus choose the seamless flooring. There is a similarly small group who INSIST on having bevelled edge flooring come what may. Beveled Cork floors comes from a natural, recycled product, is a highly durable product that helps create a warm, quiet, soft livings space, and is suitable for nearly any room in the home. Beveled cork floors is a truly natural product, warm, quiet, Easy install more suitable to a basement flooring than carpet, hardwood.