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Cork flooring offers many benefits, from sound absorption, easy maintenance, to being warm and comfortable underfoot, and eco-friendly. Want a floor that repels moisture and helps keep unwanted pests away, and then go cork flooring.What many of our customers are surprised about is how much technology has changed in the past few years. Long gone are the days of traditional chunky gold and tan amalgamated cork flooring. With cutting edge technology, you can now have the look of hardwood, while reaping all the benefits cork flooring has to offer. Even better, you can have your cork flooring stained to any colour you like.One of the hottest new trends in cork flooring today is white. Yes that’s right, white cork flooring. While most cork floors tend to fade in direct sunlight, white cork flooring actually gets whiter.You can use white cork flooring in any room in your home where you would use more traditional pattern. One place where white cork flooring would look amazing is in a beach house. Picture these stunning floors, with white furniture and maybe pretty blue walls. Have a white kitchen; add white cork flooring and turn your décor on its head. Install white cork flooring as a backsplash against dark cupboards. Or let out the minimalist in you and go wall to wall white. No matter where you install white cork flooring, it will bring a light and airy feel to your home.Come check out this new and exciting cork flooring option and find the right one for you.