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Cork Flooring – Light Color

Grace. Elegance. Beauty and Durability. None other than cork flooring. Cork has been used for flooring for over a century. A finished cork floor can have the look of textured hardwood, the soft give of carpet, and the easy maintenance of vinyl. Come see our light colored cork flooring patterns and designs. You will find one that can brighten and lighten any space in your home and bring a peace and comfort not easily paralleled.

Love the look of bamboo but not the colors, no problem we carry patterns that not only mimics bamboo but birch too. Light enough to inspire a coastal retreat or even help create a fairytale grotto, our light colored cork floors take that extra step and do more. Beauty does not stop cork from doing its job.

Want something warmer, colors that inspire the natural coziness of a rustic retreat. We’ve got that too. Flooring that will draw you into worlds of comfort and warmth so rich you’d swear you were in a Hallmark commercial.

The basis for our flooring tiles or planks is agglomerated sheet material produced from the scraps of bark sheddings. This matter has the facade of compressed granules, which is exactly what it is, as part of its production includes non-toxic adhesive and high pressure bonding. To achieve each different appearance, it is necessary to laminate a thin veneer layer of cork on top of this core material. Lamination takes place at the time of original production, making the thin layer inseparable from the core. It is the veneer layer that carries the pattern and color scheme. There are many patterns to choose from, everything from those that favor bamboo to those that mimic marble.

The key to cork is its unique cellular structure of 14-sided, density packed air-filled cells. These cells give cork its thermal and acoustical insulation traits, its lightweight compressibility, fire-retardant, and liquid/gas impermeable qualities. Cork's structure is comprised of millions of air pockets, basically 50% of cork is actually air. The cellular structure of cork makes cork tile a natural insulator. Not only will these green floors be warm under foot they also absorb sound.

With a typical cork product, you could expect it to last from 10 to 20 years under normal circumstances. If you purchase our cork flooring products, you could realistically expect it to last from 20 to 30 years as we back it up with a 25 year warranty. Cork floors have been heard to last for 50 years without any problems whatsoever. However, that is not the norm, expect to experience wear and tear over the years, but with proper maintenance you should enjoy our cork flooring for years to come.

Bring this highly sustainable and eco-friendly flooring material into your home. You will love the comfort and beauty it provides and live happy with the other health benefits that comes so naturally to cork. Go light and bright for its warmth and comfort or chic and slick. You’ll be pleasantly impressed to find that you get a quality product at some pretty great pricing.