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Cork Flooring – Dark

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Dark cork flooring

If you’re looking for a healthier, earth-friendly flooring that compliments darker décor then our darker cork flooring designs will work wonders for you. We have a gorgeous range of dark colors that not only perform at A+ levels but also bring grace and beauty to your home. Whether you want a rustic look or that cutting edge high end chic, our dark colored cork floors can meet your needs.

Our dark cork flooring patterns and designs contain organic pigments chosen to specifically deepen or enrich the color scheme. Just like other wood products, these cork floors will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. It is recommended that you use drapes or other systems to protect your cork floor from excessive light. This will help to slow down the fading process.

The basis for our flooring tiles or planks is agglomerated sheet material produced from the scraps of bark sheddings. This matter has the facade of compressed granules, which is exactly what it is, as part of its production includes non-toxic adhesive and high pressure bonding. To achieve each different appearance, it is necessary to laminate a thin veneer layer of cork on top of this core material. Lamination takes place at the time of original production, making the thin layer inseparable from the core. It is the veneer layer that carries the pattern and color scheme. There are many patterns to choose from, everything from those that favor bamboo to those that mimic marble. The cork genetic base itself is made up of a structure of 14-sided polyhedrons. These cells, a tiny honeycomb-like structure, contains trapped gases made of more than 50% air. There are about 40 million of these cells per cubic centimeter and that provides cork with its resiliency (cushion) and insulation properties. Cork can be compressed up to 40% and quickly returns to its original shape. This all works to make cork a very special flooring material.

The bark of the cork oak tree serves as a protective barrier during its average 150 year lifespan, defending against harsh climatic changes and numerous fires inherent to the region. It is also resistant to more than 38 species of insects, including the termite, and to the development of microbes. The natural structure, chemical composition and defensive nature of cork oak bark contribute to cork flooring's amazing properties: durability, endurance, and insulation against heat, noise and insects.

With a typical cork product, you could expect it to last from 10 to 20 years under normal circumstances. If you purchase our cork flooring products, you could realistically expect it to last from 20 to 30 years as we back it up with a 25 year warranty. Cork floors have been heard to last for 50 years without any problems whatsoever. However, that is not the norm, expect to experience wear and tear over the years, but with proper maintenance you should enjoy our cork flooring for years to come.

Come join us and browse our dark colored cork flooring planks and tiles. You’ll be pleasantly impressed to find that you get a quality product at some pretty great pricing.