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Accessories for Cork Flooring

cork underlayment forna 6mm sound proofing

3mm Cork Underlayment

6mm Cork Underlayment

12mm Cork Underlayment

Loba WS 2k water based poplyurethane

Loba 2K Supra AT

Ceramic infused polyurethane

best glue for cork wakol d 3540

Wakol D3540

Cork Adhensive

Now that you have decided you would like to invest in a cork floor, the next logical step is to find out more about any additional products that you might need to purchase along with the cork flooring. One of the most important factors you need to know is that what accessories you need depends on the kind of flooring option you prefer. After all, floating and glue down floors go through different installation processes. Here is an idea of what you will need to consider and why for each of the following situations:

If you would like to benefit from the many advantages associated with cork flooring in your living room, bedroom or even kitchen, a glue down floor is a suitable option. The installation process can be more complicated as you have to follow a few more steps. First, you need to prepare the area, this includes getting measurements correct and ensure that everything is straight. One very important step is to make sure there are no remnants of the old floor before you glue down the cork the tiles. After that, you place the tiles on the ground so that you can rearrange them based on your preferences regarding the final design.

The ACCESSORIES that you would absolutely need in this case are the glue and the water-based polyurethane finish. You do not need any underlayment for this kind of floor. When talking about the finish, you should apply it only after you have allowed the glue to dry. Depending on the area where you have installed the floor, you might need to apply two or three coats of the polyurethane to get the best protection.

The situation is a bit different when installing a floating cork floor as you will only need to invest in the flooring planks. Although we do encourage finishing these floors off with polyurethane as well. When talking about the installation process, it is an easy “snap” action that allows you to stick the tiles together. This makes the whole investment reduced to the tiles and the finish, which means that you will end up spending less for accessories in this case.

What you need to know about these ACCESSORIES FOR CORK FLOORING is that they will allow you to install the floor correctly and renew its appearance every few years, depending on the level of traffic. Among these products, you can also find cork underlayment, which can be used beneath many other types of flooring. There are two main advantages offered by this cork product: the warmth of your feet is preserved while walking on a floor that has such underlayment installed and you will benefit from a higher level of comfort.

Before ordering cork tiles, make sure that you take a closer look at the ACCESSORIES that you must purchase as well so that you do not end up spending more money than you budgeted for or have multiple orders. Keep in mind that cork floating floors are designed to make it easier for you to install on your own, which means that you will be able to benefit from not having to hire a professional installler. Whereas a cork glue down floor should be left to professionals who have hands-on experience with cork flooring installation. If you have any additional questions regarding the installation process or the products you might need, do not hesitate to contact us!