Cork Wall – Cork Creme Wall Tile 3mm 22 sq.ft per package

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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 22
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Cork Wall – Cork Creme Wall Tile 3mm, 22 sq.ft per package

Cork has gained popularity as flooring material not only for its beauty and durability, but also the fact that it is 100% eco friendly. Still that is not all cork can do. Wall with cork as well and enjoy all the beauty and healthful benefits it brings.

Cork Crème wall tiles brought the look reminiscent of nougat candy bark and made it a walling pattern. Incorporating soft shades of cream, hints of chocolate brown and splashes off white set to the chunky yet random pattern of raw cork bark, our 3m Cork Crème Wall Tile will accentuate and titillate. The cool tones set a classic high end precedence without plunging into the realm of cold and unfriendly. Keeping it light and fun yet adding its own level of chic, Cork Crème brightens and lightens, bringing an airy, open atmosphere that is perfect to cheer up smaller sized rooms. Create a comfy fit that does stylish on a higher level.

Cork Crème tiles come in our popular glue down application. Each 3mm tile is 12 inches Wide and 24 inches Long and comprised of a the veneer surface and agglomerated cork backing. The tiles are unfinished to maintain their natural surface feel. These tiles are packed 11 per package with a total of 6 cartons, each package covers 22 sq feet with a total coverage of 132 sq feet per carton.

Rest assured that our cork wall tiles bring the same benefits to the table as our cork flooring. Create a relaxing retreat with minimal fuss. On walls our cork tiles will act as an acoustic barrier with a 3mm thickness able to mute sound by up to 10 decibels. So, even if the kids are a little loud, you’ll stress less. And, outside noises no longer infiltrate and disturb. Soft to the touch, falling into a cork wall reduces the chances of serious injuries for you or your family. Hypoallergenic these tiles will not actively attract or bond to dust particles, and are liquid resistant. They will also act as a thermal barrier, reducing the amount of heat or cold transferred from room to room.

Cork is the ‘green’ flooring option that truly is earth friendly. As a natural product, cork’s advantages over its competitors are amazingly varied. Install our Cork Crème wall tiles today and enjoy all the benefits and beauty cork can and will bring to your home.

How to install

3mm wall tiles


  • Installation Method: Glue Down
  • Material: Natural cork bark and agglomerated cork backing
  • Finish: Stained using water based stains/pigments
  • Protective Coating: No
  • Dimensions: 1/8 in (3mm) x 12 in x 24 in
  • Coverage per Package: 22 sf
  • Tiles per package: 11
  • Packages per Carton: 6
  • Coverage per carton: 132 sf
  • Carton weight: 42 lbs


  • Handmade cork wall tiles
  • Decorative Wall or ceiling accent
  • 10 Year Limited Structural Warranty
  • 100% natural renewable resource with minimal environmental impact
  • A natural resistant to pests, mold and mildew
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Perfect as a TV-Console surround or home-theatre wall treatment
  • Inexpensive designer wall treatment that replaces expense of laying brick or stone
  • Cork wall tiles burn slowly, do not spread a flame and do not present any special risk
  • Do NOT use in place of tiles/stone/brick on the floor in front of open fireplace or hearth


Weight 9 lbs


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